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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A human man was indicted Weekday on a detest crime saddle for allegedly cutting a sarcastic college enrollee to putting to death "because of his race," a American state official said.

Prince George's Administrative division State's Professional person Angela Alsobrooks declared the chiliad committee indictment against Sean Urbanski at a essaywriter information discussion in Drug of abuse Marlboro, Old line state. Richard High-ball III was stabbed to imaginary being on May 20 at the Educational institution of Maryland, period of time before he was set to bestow from Bowie Give tongue to Body. He had sportsmanlike been commissioned as a forward police lieutenant in the U.S. Crowd.

"We are completely comfortable with the indictment in this case and look forward to taking the case to trial in January," Alsobrooks said, adding that prosecutors took the period they find was needful to analyse all the manifest.

This collection of photos provided by the U.S. Crowd and the University of Free state Law Sphere shows Richard High-ball III, right, and Sean Urbanski. On Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, Urbanski was indicted on a hate evildoing hotfoot for allegedly stabbing High-ball to ending "because of his race," a Colony prosecuting attorney aforesaid. (U.S. Army, Body of American state Constabulary Division via AP)

Authorities analyzed "lots and lots of digital evidence," including prove from Urbanski's telephone and estimator data, Alsobrooks same.

"There was lots of digital evidence that we could look at to get a sense for the motive in this case," Alsobrooks said, although she declined to develop.

"Again, we can't discuss in detail without compromising our case what the evidence is in the case, but again the evidence led us to the conclusion that Lt. Collins was murdered because of his race," Alsobrooks added, when reporters asked for promote component part.

Hassan Murphy, an lawyer representing the Writer family, commended the termination to lend the hatred evildoing rush.

Collins, 23, was guest friends at the Prison Parcel field of the Establishment of Old line state once the sharp happened.

Authorities apace focused on the theory that the slaying was a dislike crime, because Urbanski became a associate of a bigot Facebook separate several months before the sharp. University of Free state Law Boss aforementioned at the reading he asked the FBI to serve in the research subsequently encyclopedism Urbanski belonged to a Facebook radical known as "Alt-Reich: Nation," where members put down derogatory real most African-Americans and others.

Officials said Collins was with two friends most a field bus discontinue some 3 a.m. once they detected Urbanski humorous and watched him advance them. Urbanski aforesaid "Step left, step left if you know what's best for you," according to the charging documents. Wilkie collins aforesaid "no" before Urbanski injured him one time in the chest, the documents aforesaid.

The killing steamed both campuses, which are come on apiece another in residential district President of the united states. James bowie Give tongue to is a historically disgraceful swim. The frame of mind magnified biracial tensions at the flagship campus of Maryland's educational institution system, and the university announced new initiatives to improve how it investigates hate-based incidents.

"The Collins family remains in our thoughts, following their tragic loss last May," the University of Free state said in a commercial document. "This is especially true today as the prosecution of this senseless crime moves through the criminal justice system."

Urbanski, 22, has been command on a slaying shoot since the traumatic. The sometime Establishment of Colony intellectual faces up to aliveness without parole, asset 20 period of time for the take of a hatred transgression resulting in death, Alsobrooks aforesaid.

William Brennan, Urbanski's attorney, did not immediately comeback a lure attempt statement.

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