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Created in 1990, Paperless Knowledge started as a Sole Proprietorship. Upon continued successful growth and the need to show our clients that we had a larger vision well beyond sole ownership, Paperless Knowledge Incorporated in 2001 in the state of California. Since 1990 Paperless Knowledge, Inc has provided a high level of customer service to its clients. We feel that we are not separate, but an integral part of our clients environment...

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VOIP Consulting and Support Services

Paperless Knowledge, Inc. can provide your company assistance in select and deploying VoIP and phone system hardware and software appropriate for your current situation and future growth plans. Including providing local on-site VoIP support integrated with a remote monitoring solution. By evaluating your existing network and Internet access infrastructure to determine whether your environment is optimized to support VoIP and making the recommendation to ensure that you do not experience dropped calls, echoing, and other symptoms of an improper design and installation.

Our technical and customer support team has broad expertise in VoIP technology from Avaya, Nortel, and Cisco, as well as Asterisk and other IP telephony systems. Giving you the VoIP options that your company needs, because one system does not fit all business requirements.

Paperless Knowledge, Inc can help determine your in-house capabilities versus the cost to use an outside hosted vendor. Hosted VoIP routes calls by interconnecting with the public switched telephone network through a digital central office exchange service, and are a good option for connecting remote locations as well as voice calling, interactive conferencing and streaming video. An in house or an outsourced VoIP services depending on your requirements could affect uptime, utilization of your IT staff, and options available to you that can have either a positive or negative impact depending on the analysis, time and money you have to allocate to the deployment. So it is definitely an option to look at and analyze to see if in house or hosted VoIP is the right solution for you.

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