One of the most expensive areas of IT is provisioning of End User Computers – weather it be desktops, tablets, or laptops. No matter the size or location(s) of your workforce, managing and implementing this comes at a cost in personnel, technical skill and time.

If your core business isn’t IT, the expense tends to be even higher – an overhead expense which can be difficult to budget and justify. But without desktop support resources at your disposal, the possibility of unscheduled downtime and an unproductive workforce stacks the cost much higher.

Fortunately, Paperless Knowledge, Inc. provides experienced customer service oriented desktop support personnel. We can even provide the PC, Laptop, Tablet, Printer and wireless equipment you need through our buying power with our partners. Equipment you need, at a discounted retail rate, configured and set up so that we can ensure that any downtime to you or your staff is minimal. We have over 25 years’ experience delivering these services across the USA.

Our service covers the entire Desktop Support process, including:

  • Procurement
  • Delivery & Warehousing
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Warranty & Repair negotiations and scheduling with the manufacturer
  • Providing On-Site and/or Off-Site Support Engineers
  • Office moves, transition and expansion
  • VOIP setup, configuration, installation and maintenance
  • Email Configurations
  • Imaging of Computers – Ensuring that reinstalls and new Computers are up and running quickly
  • Offsite backup of your data from your desktop, laptop or tablet
  • New PC, Laptop, Printer, Wireless and Phone setup and configuration


At a time when IT budgets are under particular scrutiny, benefit from our established relationships and buying power with all major vendors. We’ll:

  • Ensure that the equipment you need comes in at a competitive price.
  • Offer pre-sales advice on the types of equipment required to meet your needs, together with evaluation equipment if available
  • Manage the entire procurement process – saving you both time and money

Delivery & Warehousing

Let us take care of delivering your equipment, directly to your main or branch office. We can also store it in our warehouse until you’re ready to have us configure it and delivered to your site(s).


Configuring multiple pieces of IT equipment is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Let Paperless Knowledge, Inc. handle it. We’ll configure each piece of equipment to your specific requirements, adding and configuring additional software if necessary.

Our configuration services also include image deployment, from an image you supply or one we’ve designed on your behalf. We’ll also asset tag your equipment prior to or during implementation.


Paperless Knowledge, Inc. provides accurate deployment of all of your IT equipment. Depending on the type of equipment and where it needs to be, we’ll ship the equipment to you and/or utilize our network of engineers, who will install the units as required.

We can create a customized deployment plan for you, to ensure timely installation and minimum disruption throughout your organization. Our team has the reputation for successfully delivering rollout projects on time and on budget. They work through the full process with your designated point person to ensure it is handled as you envision.

Warranty & Repair

If a piece of equipment is ever damaged, defective or lost, we’ll handle its repair or replacement. We can provide maintenance and upgrades for desktops, laptops, workstations, Intel servers, printers and peripherals. And we can provide assistance with most manufacturers’ products outside their warranty period.

On-Site and Off-Site Support Engineers

You may require additional, internal IT support, but you can’t justify the cost or administration overhead of a full-time employee. We can supply trusted, qualified IT technicians – for short- or long-term projects, working on-site or off – to supplement your internal resources and business processes.